Photography We specialize in food, product and restaurant photography. These are high resolution pictures that capture your food or drink the way your brand intended it to be. The imagery we create with our photography from mood created photography to top down style and anything else you can imagine. We will supply Hires photos after they are color corrected, so you can use them in print or digital media.

Branding Over the years we have branded various products and restaurants from logos, apparel, window stickers and packaging to jump start a business. We can help your current brand grow or we can also develop your brand and identity with logos, color palettes and icon elements that compliment your look and feel.


We have been doing the catalogs for many years. BCS is a client that imports various Belgian Chocolate and confections to the U.S. We have been designing catalogs for several years and love doing it! Our all-inclusive services and eye catching formats, design and product positioning keeps your brand looking tempting and fresh.


One of our favorite things to do, because each package tells the story of what the customer is getting. From the labeling and nutrition facts to the imagery and the fonts, we get to all the details, with a design that brings your product to life.


We do everything from full web site front and back end development to Google ad and social covers.

Trade Shows

Need trade show posters, etc., we can do that too.


We have a select few of illustrators that really shine for us when called upon. We will give them a sketch and then run with it, turning it into original pieces of art.


We do customer relationship email and print marketing. We focus directly on what your customer wants.


We will do print and digital ads of all sizes and shapes to further your brand.


We design custom brochures to enhance your business by highlighting the special qualities of your product.

Social Media

From Twitter to Instagram and Facebook, we will post your events and news that customers will love to read.

Copy Writing

Both Jeanne and Chris have extensive experience in copy writing in the food and beverage industry.

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